28. 4. 2017

Singles of the Week (17/17)

1) Evertim / Fruitcake

Rozhodně povedené dílo pro fandy aktuálního emo punku připravilo tento týden vydavatelství Jawbone, které se zaměřuje na klasické kazety. Toto splitko nám představuje 2 anglické party, Evertim pocházejí z Brightonu a na svým triku mají zatím dvě EP z minulého roku. Zde si můžete vychutnat skladby Knots a The Shots You're Missing (Bed & Brexit). Fruitcake z Horshamu z hrabství Sussex jsem poznal především na jejich povedeným EP Totally Original Songs vydaném před rokem. Tato trojka toho má na svém kontě trochu více, debutovali singlem Super Noodles z roku 2014. Tady se prezentují skladbami The Dad Bod Is In a No More Food Songs, jinak obě titulní dostaly taky ofi videa

(split cassette - Jawbone)

2) Tracy Bryant - Parachute ​/​ Protect Your Head

(7" vinyl - Volar)

3) Ludvig Moon - All Our Friends

(EP - Riot Factory)

4) Flyying Colours - 1987

(video - Flyying Colours )

5) Wilding - Secular Music

(EP - Friendship Fever)

Yung - Nostalgia (from 7" vinyl out 17/5)

(video - Geertruida)

Kraftwerk - Die Roboter (from 3-D Der Katalog)

(video - Parlophone)

Drahla - Faux Text (7")
Daunt - Unbearable Light (12")
TOY / Rose Elinor Dougall - split (12")
S.P.Y - Alone in the Dark, Vol. 1 /EP/
Major - With So Much Open Space /EP/
teepee - Mirror /EP/
Lost On Me - Demonstration /EP/
Whitenoir - Feed Me /EP/
Sheer - Psychic Quarry /EP/
Russian Girls - Sisters & Brothers Vol 2 /EP/
digi single, video:
Kilbey Kennedy - We Are Still Waiting (feat Selena Cross)
Coquin Migale - Plans
Temples of Youth - Amber
The KVB - Night Games
Day Wave - Promises
Dave. - Eggiwegs
Wild Year - Twitching + Teasing
Iroha - Summer
Crack Cloud - Swish Swash (from EP Anchoring Point out 12/5)
Hante. - Le point de Non-Retour
Love Dance - All The Time
Teen Daze - First Rain (with S. Carey)
TEEN - Tokyo
HEAVEN - It's Not Enough
YVES - Only One
Valdorea - Premonition (campfire version)
Ride - All I Want
Rostam - Gwan
Pool Art - Misery Porn
Hazel English - Love is Dead (from double EP out 12/5)
Phoenix - J-Boy
Los Campesinos! - Renato Dall'Ara (2008)
The Completers - Silence /​ Be Gone
Danny L Harle - Me4U (feat. Morrie)
Amber Arcades - Can't Say That We Tried
Secret Shine - Dirty Game
Bethany Curve - Out Of The Clear (reissue from album Mee-Eaux out 19/5)
Young Galaxy - Come and See (10th Anniversary Rework)
Principe Valiente - Wildest Flowers
Sun Glitters - From Saturday To Sunday
PJ Harvey - A Dog Called Money / I'll Be Waiting
Sløtface - Magazine
Электрофорез - Русская принцесса
Hundredth - Neurotic
Palehound - Room
Estrons - Strobe Lights
Killer Workout - Sister
The Afghan Whigs - Oriole
Algiers - The Underside of Power
Argyle Goolsby - In Votive Light


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